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What You Need to Know About Connecticut Dog Laws

At Hebron Veterinary Hospital, we believe it’s important for you to know everything possible about taking care of your dog. We do our part to help you keep your best friend healthy. We also encourage you to keep them legal by knowing and understanding Connecticut Dog...

How Can I Tell When My Dog Has an Ear Problem?

When your dog doesn't feel well, he needs you to figure it out and make everything better. That’s especially important when your dog has an ear infection. Ear problems cause pain, itching, and irritation. If your dog misses out on getting the timely medical attention...

Heartworm Disease and the Importance of Preventative

There’s no nice way to explain heartworm disease. The condition is exactly as it sounds. Affected pets have worms living in their hearts. Cats and ferrets can become infected as well but the disease is most common and more serious in dogs. The Food and Drug...

Holiday Safety for Pets

Make pet safety a big part of your holiday season. The holiday season in Hebron, CT is a perfect time to have fun with your pets. Just like you, they get excited over holiday lights, music, decorations, and food. There’s one big difference. You’re old enough to...

Lyme Disease in Dogs – The Importance of Vaccination

Protecting Your Dog From Lyme Disease Ticks are tricky little creatures. When you give them an opportunity to pass along Lyme Disease to your dog, they're always ready for the challenge. Ticks hang out in the weeds and in wooded and grassy areas in Hebron, CT. They...

Grain-free diet in dogs linked to heart disease

Grain-Free Diet When you love your pet, you do whatever is necessary to keep them healthy. That’s one of the reasons Hebron, CT dog lovers are drawn to new foods which contain some of the non-grain ingredients humans prefer. Unfortunately, the Food and Drug...

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