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When your pet needs veterinary surgery, it’s a difficult option to consider. While it will ultimately help your pet, it may also cause them moments of discomfort and pain. The decision is in your hands. As a loyal pet owner, you can’t take that responsibility lightly. Ultimately, you must weigh the pros and the cons and make the decision that best ensures your pet’s continued health and happiness.

At Hebron Veterinary Hospital, before we recommend veterinary surgery for your pet, we review every possible alternative. We recommend surgery only when the benefits to your pet outweigh the potential for pain and discomfort. Before we schedule your pet’s surgery, we discuss the diagnosis with you and answer all of your questions. If there are non-surgical options, we will review them with you and help you consider them.

Our Pet Surgery Services

As pet care specialists, we don’t consider surgery very frequently, but for some pet conditions, it’s the best treatment option. Our doctors have extensive surgical experience which enables them to perform each surgery with confidence. While performing a surgical procedure, they take the time to work efficiently and accurately. Our doctors understand that what they do will make a big difference in your pet’s life.

Before, during and after your pet’s surgery, we do everything we can to guarantee their safety and comfort. We recommend a pre-operative examination and a blood test. We’ve equipped our hospital with state of the art equipment to monitor your pet’s heart, lungs, and vital organs during a surgical procedure. After your pet’s surgery, we discuss their prognosis, prescribe necessary medications and talk about post-surgical precautions and care.

At Hebron Veterinary Hospital, we perform a wide range of pet surgeries when medically necessary.

Soft tissue surgeries - Routine and emergency surgical procedures

Advanced orthopedic diagnosis and surgical repair - Cruciate ligament injuries, patellar luxation, fractures, amputations

Ophthalmologic surgical repairs - Corneal ulcers, “cherry” eye, entropion and ectropion, etc.

Oral Surgery

Emergency Surgery

Spaying and Neutering

A Family-Centered Practice

As your hometown vet, we don’t believe you should have to travel 40 miles away to get the critical care and veterinary surgery your pet needs. We care for our clients and our patients so we’re always working to enhance our education and upgrade our skills. We invest in new technology to assist us with critical diagnosis and treatment responsibilities. We want to provide all of the medical services your pet needs.

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We know that we're not your only option for veterinary care. We don’t expect you to walk in the door just because we’re the nearest vet or the only hospital in our small town. We believe that you bring your pets to us because we care and because we provide the quality services your pet deserves.


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Hebron Veterinary Hospital has been a full service compassionate and quality veterinary care center since 1984. Our office is located in Hebron Connecticut and we serve patients from all around Connecticut and specialize in our local service areas of Columbia CT, Glastonbury CT, Marlborough CT, Andover CT, Bolton CT, Willimantic CT, Lebanon CT and Colchester CT.