Emergency Services in Hebron CT

Emergency Services at Hebron Veterinary Hospital

Although Hebron Veterinary Hospital is not open 24 hours, we do have a doctor on call during non-business hours.

Emergency Number: 860- 266- 5995

When calling the emergency line you will be directed to the doctors emergency messaging system. After leaving a message the doctor will be notified immediately and will return your call shortly. Remember that the doctor on call IS NOT at the clinic during these hours so please call first!

7 am – 8 am Mon – Sun
7 am – 8 am Mon – Sat
Close – 11 pm Mon – Sat
7 am – 11 pm Sun

Additional Emergency Veterinary Care

Emergency Veterinary Treatment From Doctors Who Care

a pet receiving emergency veterinary care at Hebron Veterinary Hospital

When your pet has a health emergency, you want access to an emergency veterinary professional, but you also want a doctor who cares. Your emergency doctor should know without explanation that your pet is special to you. You expect them to be patient with your pet and pay attention to their symptoms. You also want them to listen to your thoughts and hear your concerns. You expect them to treat you and your pet with compassion and kindness

At Hebron Veterinary Hospital, we understand how traumatic it is when your pet is suffering. Whether it’s a minor problem or an emergency situation, we believe your pet deserves consistent treatment from doctors who know their history and have an established relationship. That’s why we want to be here for you and your pet during an emergency. We can’t be in the office around the clock, but when you call our emergency line and leave a message, we promise to connect with you as soon as possible.

Recognizing a Pet Emergency

You know your pet better than anyone. When they’re not feeling well, you schedule a veterinary appointment so we can figure out what’s wrong. Because you understand your pet so well, you’re also in the best position to notice when they need urgent medical attention.

Each pet is different and symptoms range in severity. Keep our emergency number handy and call us if your pet is behaving strangely or you notice any of these conditions. We’ll advise you on what to do next.

Abdominal pain or swelling

Breathing difficulties

Pale grayish or bluish gums


Broken bones


Eye injuries

Difficulty walking or standing

Straining to urinate or defecate

Foaming at the mouth

Poison or foreign object ingestion


Failure to eat for extended periods

Vomiting and diarrhea

A Family-Centered Practice

The Hebron Veterinary Hospital doctors are proud to be your family vets. We work hard to provide a family-friendly practice that’s worthy of your trust. We offer the preventative, diagnostic, and treatment services your pets need to stay healthy. Whether you own a dog or cat, rabbit, guinea pig, or hampster, we’ll be here for your emergency veterinary needs as well.

Commitment to our patients is an important part of our promise to provide quality care. We get to know your pets and we keep track of their medical histories. Our two doctors discuss each other’s cases, so either feels confident when assessing your pet’s emergency situation. We do all we can to provide compassionate support and the best medical care possible.

Contact Us for Your Veterinarian Needs

We know that we're not your only option for veterinary care. We don’t expect you to walk in the door just because we’re the nearest vet or the only hospital in our small town. We believe that you bring your pets to us because we care and because we provide the quality services your pet deserves.


Phone: (860) 228-4324

Hebron Veterinary Hospital has been a full service compassionate and quality veterinary care center since 1984. Our office is located in Hebron Connecticut and we serve patients from all around Connecticut and specialize in our local service areas of Columbia CT, Glastonbury CT, Marlborough CT, Andover CT, Bolton CT, Willimantic CT, Lebanon CT and Colchester CT.