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Cutting-Edge Technology to Improve Your Pet’s Life

Everyone wears protective glasses for pet laser therapy.

At Hebron Veterinary hospital, we treat your pets like family. To us, that’s an important commitment. It means we’re generous with smiles and hugs, and we always provide the best treatment possible. Sometimes that means medication or surgery. Other times it means investing in cutting-edge technologies that enhance our quality of care. That was our primary focus when we integrated pet laser therapy into our practice. It’s a regenerative process that eases pain and makes our patients more comfortable.

Pet laser therapy lets us use the warm, healing power of infrared light to improve our patient’s lives. Research and clinical trials proved to us how it would complement and enhance our existing treatment plans. Pet laser therapy is a pain-free treatment for your pet. It’s simple but highly effective at improving many acute and chronic conditions.

Generalized and neurogenic pain


Tendon and ligament injuries

Muscle strains, tears, and soreness

Wound and surgery healing

Degenerative joint conditions and joint pain

Stifle disorders

Upper respiratory ailments

Dental conditions

How Pet Laser Therapy Works

This cool cat is receiving pet laser therapy.

The laser draws oxygen and nutrients to the treatment area and increases your pet’s blood circulation. This boosts cellular energy and accelerates healing. Pets love it because it’s an effective, non-invasive treatment.

We don’t have to shave your pet’s treatment areas.

Your pet is awake during the process.

We administer no medication or sedation.

Lasers are warm and soothing.

It’s a pleasant sensation that pets enjoy.

We customize your pet’s laser therapy treatment plan to deliver optimum results. Most sessions last from one to eight minutes but session lengths and frequency varies depending on your pet’s need. If your pet suffers from an acute condition, we may recommend daily treatments. For chronic conditions, we begin with two to three weekly treatments. The benefits are cumulative so as your pet shows improvement, we taper off on scheduled treatments.

A Family-Centered Practice

Pet laser therapy is serious technology but it creates a healing environment that’s as comforting and warm as a big family hug. It’s part of our promise to run Hebron Veterinary Hospital as a family-centered practice.

Every client and pet who walks in our door gets the family treatment and the best possible care. Pet laser therapy helps us deliver on our commitment. When used alone, it produces amazing health benefits. The process also compliments surgery, physical therapy, and other traditional treatments.

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