Veterinary Hospital near Willimantic CT

Just like the human members of your family, you want your pets to have the best of everything. As you consider their health and well-being, you understand that they have many similar healthcare needs as you. We’re pleased to help you take good care of your pets. We provide the medical care and health services they need at our veterinary hospital near Willimantic.

We understand what pets need because we see pet families every day. Pets need a loving home environment and a devoted family. They want compassionate doctors, professional treatment, and a warm, pet-friendly environment when they require medical care. 

When your pet is sick or injured, you want a vet who is close to home. However, neither you nor your pet likes to take a long drive to get the necessary care. 

Our Family-Friendly Veterinary Hospital Near Willimantic CT

You want what’s best for your pets, and so do we. When we combine our efforts, together we help keep your pet healthy and happy. You provide a comfortable home, good food, and wholesome fun. In addition, we offer individualized medical care that caters to your pet’s healthcare needs. 

We love pets, so we dedicate each day to giving them the quality care they deserve. Our veterinarians spent years learning the most trustworthy pet care strategies. In addition, they participate in continuing education programs to give our pet patients the benefit of developing treatment techniques. 

We furnish our hospital with modern equipment and quality medical instruments. As a result, you never have to drive to a distant hospital to access advanced pet diagnostic and treatment technologies.

The Care and Services Your Pet Needs 

We provide professional veterinary care when your pet is sick or injured. However, we also recognize that pets require a lifetime of quality care. So we’re pleased to offer planned veterinary care for every stage of your pet’s life. 

  • Preventative Care
  • Internal Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Dental Care
  • Radiology/Ultrasound Diagnostics
  • Senior Wellness Care
  • Laser Therapy 

Emergency Veterinary Care 

Accidents and severe medical conditions sometimes happen after we’ve closed our doors for the night. We understand that timing is essential when your pet has a severe condition. Our emergency care protocols allow you to reach us after hours to arrange immediate treatment. 

  • Call our emergency number: 860- 266- 5995.
  • Leave a message for our veterinarian on-call. 
  • Our on-call doctor will get back to you immediately.

For more information, visit our Emergency Services page. 

Veterinary Hospital Near Willimantic CT

Contact our veterinary hospital when your pet needs preventative or wellness care, medical treatment, or emergency service. Call us at (860) 228-4324 to schedule your next appointment.