Veterinarian Near Hebron CT

Your pets deserve veterinarians who treat them like a member of the family. Whether you take them to the vet for preventative care or emergency treatment, you want them to feel comfortable and safe. Your pets need quality medical treatment from professionals who genuinely care about their wellbeing. As a veterinarian near Hebron CT, we work hard to give your pets exceptional veterinary care that’s close to home. 

We’re proud to play a part in keeping your pets healthy and happy, and we take our role seriously. When you need us, you don’t have to drive a long distance. We’re just a phone call away. 

Our Family-Centered Practice

At Hebron Veterinary Hospital, we care about your pets, so we always give them quality medical attention. We are committed to you and your pets. Of course, we can’t love your pets as much as you do, but we promise to give them heartfelt affection, quality treatment, and compassionate care. 

  • We treat you and your pets with dignity.
  • Secondly, we do our best to help you keep your pet happy and healthy. 
  • Most importantly, we promise to treat you like family. 

The Highest Standard of Care

Dr. Mordasky and Dr. DeLeon are committed to giving your pets the highest standard of care. As your veterinarian in Hebron CT, we want to provide a warm family-centered environment. We also want to give your pets the best care possible. To accomplish these goals, we invest in the latest technologies and equipment.

Every pet patient has access to comprehensive diagnostics and advanced medical techniques. Our veterinarians complete continuing education programs to master the latest medical procedures and strategies. 

Treatment, Wellness, and Preventative Care

We love pets, and we’re dedicated to their lifelong care. We maintain a comprehensive list of services to keep your pets healthy throughout their lifetime. 

  • Preventative Care
  • Internal Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Dental Care
  • Radiology/Ultrasound
  • Senior Wellness
  • Laser Therapy 

Emergency Veterinary Care 

When your pet is involved in an accident or has a severe medical condition, you want them to receive treatment from a doctor they know. Unfortunately, we can’t hold office hours 24/7, but when your pet has an emergency, you can still reach us after hours. 

  • Call our emergency line: 860- 266- 5995.
  • Leave a voice message. 
  • Our veterinarian-on-call will get back to you as soon as possible.

For additional details, visit our Emergency Services page. 

Veterinarian Near Hebron CT

Let us help you keep your pets happy and healthy. To schedule your pet’s next visit, call us at (860) 228-4324.