Why In-person Vet Visits Are Important

Over the past year, you and everyone you know implemented digital strategies to perform traditional tasks. For example, if you worked in an office, you transitioned to working remotely from your kitchen. You got used to ordering your groceries on an app. Instead of eating out, you waited for a food delivery guy to leave your favorite cuisine at your door. 

Although you probably never imagined bypassing in-person vet visits, you did that too. But then, you and your pet likely adjusted to virtual consultations. Now you can’t imagine doing it any other way.

It’s time for your in-person vet visit

Lockdown is mostly a distant memory. By now, you may already have abandoned your at-home office. You’re probably doing your grocery shopping and dining out in authentic restaurants. While your family is settling into your pre-lockdown normal, you should consider adding a vet visit to your to-do list. 

Remote vet visits, virtual chats, and phone consultations filled a significant pet care gap when you couldn’t leave home. They’re still a great way to stay in touch with your veterinarian, but your pet needs in-person vet visits too. 

  • Your vet can only do a complete physical examination in person. 
  • Dental services require in-person vet visits. 
  • A vet won’t have the history necessary to provide comprehensive health recommendations unless you’ve had prior visits. 
  • Your pet may require a physical examination, bloodwork, and diagnostic tests for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Your pet needs routine preventative care that can help them stay well. 
  • Without an existing veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR), it can be considered unethical for a vet to treat your pet or prescribe medication.

Ask your vet what to do

Veterinarians are highly trained medical professionals. They advance their skills with continuing education throughout their careers. They are dedicated to providing the best treatment for the animals in their care. Also, they do all of this so they can give your pets the care and attention they deserve. 

When you ask your vet about handling your veterinary visits, your vet will give you the honest advice you need. If she feels confident that she can treat your pet virtually, she will. However, if she recommends bringing your pet in for personal care, you must follow those recommendations. 

While virtual appointments are a convenient way to stay in touch with your vet, they will never be a substitute for an in-person vet visit. 

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