What does your pet want for Christmas?

What does your pet want for Christmas? That’s a very good question. If only he or she could talk or write a list of gift possibilities. Since your dog or cat can’t even give you a hint, you’ll be happy to know that pets are usually happy with whatever you buy. And if they don’t get excited about their gift, they’ll be thrilled to play with wrapping paper, Christmas decorations, and big shiny bows.

Gifts For Your Cat

What does your pet want for Christmas? Your cats won’t tell you, but here are a few ideas they’ll really appreciate.

Your Cat Wants a Place to Hang Out, 39.95 and up

Your cat will feel right at home in a Cat Cave. They’re round (like an oversized basketball) and crafted from felted merino wool. They have a circular entryway that’s just big enough for your cat to get in, get out, and poke his head out to keep an eye on you. It’s a perfectly private space where your cat can ignore the whole family. You’ll find cat caves on Amazon. Chewy.com also has cat caves and Cat Pueblos.

Your Cat Desires Modern Furniture, $69 to $349.

If your cat wants to live a high-end contemporary lifestyle, she’ll love modern furniture from Litterbox.com. She can hang out in a modern Silo, Pyramid, Credenza, or Tower. This trendy furniture comes in neutral colors so you don’t have to worry about your cat’s home clashing with your decor.

Your Cat Needs Interactive Toys

If you want to encourage your cat’s playful side, you’ll find a variety of interactive cat toys at $5 and up. Kong Laser is an inexpensive hand-held cat laser toy. The Pawaboo mouse hunt toy keeps cats busy trying to decide where to find the pop-up mouse. Your cat will also enjoy Wicked or YOFUN toys. These rechargeable, interactive light-up balls roll across the floor, keeping your cat (or dog) entertained when you’re too busy.

Gifts For Your Dog

What does your pet want for Christmas? Dogs aren’t nearly as finicky as cats, so your gift hunting should be easier.

Your Dog Wants A Box Full of Goodies, $14 and up

Pet gift companies select unique gifts and goodies and wrap them in a box or basket for your dog. You can find dog goody boxes at Chewys. Bark Box offers a monthly doggie gift box subscription service. Bark Box creates themed boxes, such as Dogsgiving, Lick or Treat, or Chewrassic Bark. You can also find doggie gift collections by searching for “Dog Gift Boxes” on Amazon.

Your Dog Must Have a Treat-Dispensing Toy, $5 to $20

Treats+Fun! That’s a perfect answer to the what does your pet want for Christmas question. Treat-dispensing pet toys like Twist-N-Treat, Kong Dog Wobbler, and Bob-a-Lot give your dog exactly what he wants. They dispense treats while your dog is having fun. At $5 to $20, these and other treat-dispensing toys make economical stocking stuffers for your best friend.

You and Your Dog Need More Tech In Your Lives

At around $199, the Furbo Dog Camera is a luxury item for the dog (and the owner) who has everything. It’s a sleek white interactive monitoring system. A camera watches your dog while you’re away. It records critical events and sends photos to your smartphone app. It also allows you to talk to your dog remotely. When you chose, you can release a doggie treat using your smartphone app.

What Does Your Pet Want For Christmas?

Your pet wants goodies for the holidays. He or she is also depending on you to keep them healthy and safe. If you’ve been sheltering in place, now might be the right time to consider your pet’s health. If you’re past due for a checkup, why not add it to your holiday to-do list.

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