The Pros and Cons of a Pet Bed

When you search for a pet bed online, the results will overwhelm you. You’ll search long and hard for something that’s strictly functional. Instead, you’ll find a pet bed in every shape, size, color, and fabric. They’re lined with fleece, silk, faux fur, and cotton. They include heating elements, attached blankets, and special features for pets who require extra care.

  • Organic fabric
  • Orthopedic, pressure-relief cushions
  • Cooling gel memory foam
  • Elevated beds with canopies

If you need a certain type of pet bed, eventually you’ll find it; but think before you buy. Before you toss out 50 to 200 dollars for a luxury, elevated, silk-lined orthopedic cat bed, consider the pros and cons.

The Pros of Buying a Pet Bed

All of those pet bed sellers have lots of reasons why your pet needs a bed. And so do you.

Your pet gets to have a warm, snuggly place of his own

Even the most economical bed for your pet is stuffed with soft, cushy filling. They’re constructed to provide a cozy sleeping environment for your pet. Heated pet beds are especially warm and cuddly during long winter nights when the temperature drops in a chilly room.

Better sleep for both of you

A pet sleeping partner takes up your space, breathes on you at night, and disrupts your sleep. Having you as a partner isn’t much better for your pet. When you relocate your pet to a bed of his own, you reduce the chances of long sleepless nights for both of you.

Your pet has his own sleeping space when you travel

If you enjoy taking your pet with you on the road, a pet bed lets you bring along a comforting bit of home. You can opt for a simple, easy-to-pack mattress-style bed. You simply roll it up and tuck it into your trunk.

The Cons

Of course, there are reasons why some pet owners don’t buy a pet bed for their cat or dog.

Another pet accessory to clean

When a cat or dog sees its bed as his or her territory, they mark it to make sure everyone knows. While they like the idea of spreading their scent, as a human, you probably don’t feel the same way. Your pet’s marking scent can be overwhelming. It’s a natural invitation for you to toss it into the washer, over and over again.

Pets sometimes transmit diseases

Pets are usually pretty clean, but they occasionally pass along infections from fleas and other pests. Pets can give humans MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant staph infection. Young cats sometimes pass along Bartonella henselae (aka Cat Scratch Disease). Children mostly contract it during rough play. There’s always a risk that a cat will accidentally scratch a child when they’re both sleeping in the same bed.

Electrically heated beds can be hazardous

It’s been a while since the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled a heated pet mat because of fire and shock hazards. While pet bed fire hazards are minimal, you wouldn’t want to risk your pet’s safety. Fortunately, several manufacturers now make battery-powered, heated pet beds.

You might miss your sleep companion

Pet lovers like the warmth and comfort of their pet’s warm body. Pets like their owner’s warm bodies too. When you relocate your pet to his own sleeping quarters, both of you must get used to being alone at night… and a little bit colder.

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