The Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Pet

First and foremost, the holidays will be here before you know it. Secondly, don’t forget to add your pets’ to your shopping list. If they’ve been good (or even a little naughty) they deserve a gift just like everyone else. That goes for your cats, your dogs, or any other animals who supported you with love and companionship throughout the year.

Here are a few gift ideas to help you begin your search.

The Bark Box

You can treat your dog like the trendy pooch you know she is with a monthly Bark Box subscription. It works just like trendy people-stuff subscriptions. You sign up your doggie and he receives a monthly themed gift box filled with treats, toys, and fun. If your pup doesn’t need a subscription, you can search for a quirky selection of trendy toys.

Boomer YETI Dog Bowl

Your dog probably won’t notice the difference between a discount bowl and a $50 Boomer YETI Dog Bowl but dog lovers sure seem to like them. It’s double-walled, stainless steel and it holds 8 cups of dog food or water. The bottom is designed to prevent slippage.

It comes in great colors like Seafoam, River Green, and Black. It will look great in your designer kitchen and you can even toss it in your dishwasher. If you think your dog might enjoy this trendy, high-end bowl, check out this review.

Frolicat Bolt Interactive Laser Toy

For under 20 dollars, you can buy this cool Frolicat laser toy that will bring out your cat’s most playful side. It doesn’t look like a cat toy at all. It’s a smooth white device that looks like a chubby bowling pin.

A recessed mirror reflects a laser light, bouncing it across surfaces throughout a room. If that’s hard to imagine, this playful cat video gives you a better idea. This toy has been on the market for several years so it’s priced reasonably and available online and at retail stores.

Custom Pet Blanket

A fuzzy customized blanket could be a great gift for your pet but it will likely end up on your bed. A company called Printy Pets will customize a fleece blanket with a full-color photo of your pet. You simply upload the photo and they’ll do the rest. This company will also add your pet’s charming face to a coffee mug, phone case, or hoodie.

Heated Pet Mat or Bed

Heated pet beds or mats will help keep your companions warm and cozy this winter. You’ll find a variety of styles online and in some area pet stores. Heated beds work like human thermal blankets but the voltage is far lower to keep pets safe. The beds and mats are sized primarily for cats and small dogs.

Don’t forget your pets this holiday season

As you spend time shopping, visiting and decking the halls remember to stop by your favorite pet store to pick up a special gift for your pet. If you don’t have time to go pet gift shopping, It’s easy and convenient when you do it online.

You’ll find a variety of great pet gifts at,, and These and other online shops have gifts in every price range. If you order early enough, most online stores will deliver your items to your door in time to make your pets happy for the holidays.

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