Pick The Right Vet For Your Pet

High-quality veterinary care is the key to ensuring your pet lives a longer, healthier life. So, how do you pick the right vet who will become your pet’s long-term health care provider?

First things first, the best time to find a vet is before you even need one. Therefore, it’s essential to pick the right vet from the moment you welcome your new furry or feathered friend into the home. In fact, you may want to interview veterinarians before you bring your puppy or kitten home. This way, they can help you stock up on the right pet food, pet-proof your home, and create a plan in the event of an unforeseen illness. 

Where to Look When Finding a Vet

Here are some tips to help you pick the right veterinarian for your pet.

Ask Around!

Word-of-mouth is probably the best way to pick the right vet. Ask friends, coworkers, relatives, and neighbors for recommendations. It’s also a good idea to pop into your local shelter as they might have some vets on call. If your dog is purebred, you can check in with local breed clubs as they’re bound to have a list of accredited veterinary practices they often work with. 

Google is another great way to assess a vet. A Google Search can bring up nearby veterinary services with reviews to match. Here’s a tip: Keep your search local! The last thing you want is to drive for hours when your pet requires emergency attention.

Choose a Friendly Vet

Now, this will require a visit to the vet. Please bring your pet to evaluate how they respond to the doctor. Consider how warm and friendly the staff is and how they treat each animal. Are they calm? Does your pet seem to like them? How do they deal with and soothe a pet through a stressful situation?

On that note, consider their qualifications and specializations. For instance, if your pet is older, you might think to pick the right vet specializing in senior care. Fortunately, you can always change vets. The idea here is to find a friendly, professional, and responsive vet to your pet’s needs and yours.

What Are the Costs Involved?

Vet bills can be pretty hefty, so it’s paramount to have pet insurance. That said, not all vets will take your insurance, making it imperative to find a vet before your pet needs veterinary care. 

Ask whether they have fixed costs for specific procedures and whether they give quotes before starting treatment. Also, ask how they charge for emergency care and if they have a program that would allow you to offset some of the costs.

What Are the Hours of Operation?

Most new pet parents make the mistake of choosing a vet solely because they’re nearby. Having a vet close by has its perks, making wellness visits less of a hassle for you. The problem comes in when it’s a medical emergency and they’re closed. In this case, you may have to drive hours away in search of an open emergency clinic. So, always verify their hours of operation and whether they provide emergency services. 

Another thing: busier typically equals better in the veterinary world. Well-liked vets are usually pretty booked, so don’t be put off by a crowded or busy waiting area. 

The right veterinarian will play a significant role in your pet’s quality of life. So, make sure you make the right decision.

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