Lyme Disease in Dogs – The Importance of Vaccination

Protecting Your Dog From Lyme Disease

Ticks are tricky little creatures. When you give them an opportunity to pass along Lyme Disease to your dog, they’re always ready for the challenge. Ticks hang out in the weeds and in wooded and grassy areas in Hebron, CT. They maneuver their way onto your dog as he or she passes by. Once they’re on board, they crawl along until they find a perfect place to bite, attach, and pass along their bacteria.

How does your dog get Lyme Disease?

Several tick species transmit diseases to dogs. Only the blacklegged tick aka deer tick can infect your dog with Lyme borreliosis. Blacklegged ticks are native to the Northeast but when you own a pet, you can never be too careful. They’ve spread to other regions and they’re not picky about sharing their bacteria with dogs or their human family members.

Dogs are a convenient target as they run and play in areas where ticks usually hide. If you get close enough to the areas where they hang out, ticks will share their bacteria with you too.

What are the symptoms?

Your dog can’t tell you that they’re feeling bad, so it’s important for you to keep an eye out for ticks and Lyme Disease symptoms. While not every dog will show the same signs, here are the most common indications.

  • Fever
  • Lost appetite
  • Lack of energy
  • Stiffness and pain
  • Joint Swelling

As the disease progresses, your dog may experience musculoskeletal, neurological, and kidney issues and other problems.

Protect your dog.

It’s your job to protect your dog from Lyme borreliosis and other infectious bacterium. If your dog plays outside, you should do a daily tick check and remove any ticks you find attached to their skin.

Just like any other member of your family, you must also make sure your pet gets regular vaccinations and preventative care. Vaccinations aren’t much fun for you or your dog, but they’re a critical part of keeping your dog healthy, happy and free of disease.

Prevention and Care

At Hebron Veterinary Hospital, we want you and your dog to be healthy and happy. We do our part by providing quality treatment and wellness care.

We recommend regular tick prevention and a Lyme Disease vaccination program to minimize the chances of your pet contracting the disease. We provide initial vaccination at 9-16 weeks with boosters at 3 weeks and follow-ups annually.

If you live in the Hebron, CT area, contact us and we’ll answer your questions about Lyme Disease, tick removal and scheduling your dog’s vaccinations.