Living With Dogs VS. Cats

Dogs Vs. Cats? Is living with one any different than living with the other? 

There are many reasons people choose cats over dogs or dogs over cats. Researchers believe that the choice might have a lot to do with your personality and how you prefer to live. This theory seems possible when you consider the practical aspects of daily life with a cat or a dog. 

Dogs vs. Cats: The Pros and Cons

Even if you don’t consider dogs vs. cats consciously, your brain automatically ticks off the pros, cons, and responsibilities of owning a pet. So your choice ultimately affects everything you do. 

Pet bathroom habits

As a dog owner, you must take your dog outside to do #1 one or #2. Legally, you must also pick up the warm smelly lump he leaves behind. You don’t mind because he’s your dog. You could hire a dog walker, but you probably enjoy those long walks. It’s all a part of having a dog you love. 

Your cat’s bathroom arrangements take far less time, energy, and dedication. You buy a litter box, some litter, and a scoop. You place it in an out of the way corner, and you clean it every day (maybe), so the smell won’t drift through your home. If you don’t mind spending a little extra money, you can buy an automated litter box to do most of the dirty work for you.


Dogs want attention. They want to hang out with you, other people, and other dogs. It’s your job to give them the exercise and attention they crave. The bonus: If you take your dog to the park, he’s a great conversation starter when you’re trying to make a new friend. 

Aloof is the perfect word to describe cats. Merriam Webster defines the term aloof as “not involved with or friendly toward other people.” It’s true. Cats don’t care that much about you, and they don’t care at all for other people. Of course, they innocently sniff strangers and mark them with their scent, but that’s about territory, not friendship. Cats ignore you most of the time, and they disappear during the day. They only come out looking for you if it’s dinner time. 


Dogs have their favorite foods, but if you forget to buy their usual, you can probably feed them any other brand without a problem. 

Cats have a reputation for being picky eaters. Usually, they eat whatever you give them (sometimes), but if you treat them to canned food just once, they might boycott dry food until they are starving.


Dogs love walking, running, and playing. They will catch a frisbee or a ball if you toss it. They’ll even go running after it along a beach or in the woods. And have you noticed how they have dog parks but not cat parks?

A cat will chase just about anything if you swish it around or bounce it through the air just out of reach. You probably think that you and your cat are having fun, but her playfulness is a reflection of her predatory nature. Cats see bouncy, swishy things flitting around in the air, and they think of them as prey to be hunted down and captured. 

Dogs vs. cats: Does your pet choice shed light on your human personality?

Several psychologists have studied cat people and dog people over the years. Of the people interviewed in several studies, 46% or more considered themselves dog people. Around 12% thought of themselves as cat people. Researchers documented a few quirkier findings as well. 

  • Dog people are more extroverted, agreeable, energetic, and conscientious than cat people. 
  • Cat people are more open, sensitive, non-conformist, and introverted. 

Some researchers disagree with these findings. Others suggest that these personality traits explain why people choose to live with cats or dogs. As a cat or dog lover, only you know for sure.

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