How Can You Spend More Time With Your Pet?

If you’ve returned to your pre-pandemic workplace, your pet probably isn’t pleased. But, of course, you knew that working from home was temporary. You knew that you’d return to the office someday. But, unfortunately, your pet had no idea. 

After a year or more of daily human-to-pet bonding, he may have an adverse reaction when you return to work as usual. It’s up to you to help your pet get back to normal. Your pet still requires attention and TLC. As you transition back to full-time work away from home, you must find ways to spend more time with your pet and devise strategies to keep him happy.

Pets Experience Separation Anxiety

As PetMD experts explain, both dogs and cats experience separation anxiety. The anxiety is often a result of family scheduling changes and inconsistencies. Whether you go to the office or school each day, or you work at your kitchen table, your pet grows accustomed to the parameters you set. 

Some pets get upset if you’re out of town for even a few days. Others react if you change your work hours or commute times. If you, your family, and your pet have spent some or all of the past year in isolation, a change in routines can be overwhelming.

You can’t go back to giving your pet daylong availability and attention. Fortunately, you can take steps to spend more time with your pet, even after you return to the office.


Spend quality time together walking in your neighborhood, along the beach, or at your local dog park. If your time is tight, try waking up an hour early. 

Take Your Pet With You

Some hosts will welcome your pet to their cookout or picnic. First, get permission, then, instead of leaving your dog or cat at home, take him with you to the following special event. 

Schedule a Vacation Day

When you’re planning your next few days off, schedule a vacation day to spend quality time with your pet. 

Take Your Pet Shopping

You can’t take your pets everywhere, but many pet supply shops, outdoor markets, and outdoor art and craft events welcome them. 

Take a Training Course 

You can spend time with your pet while learning new skills. If you can’t find a class near you, UdemyPetco, and other sites offer online video and group classes. You and your pet can learn topics such as Dog CPR & First Aid, Communicating With Your Cat, Dog & Cat Behavior, and more. 

Find Pet-Friendly Destinations

The next time you head out of town for a few days, websites like Petswelcome and Bringfido can help you find a pet-friendly hotel. Instead of leaving your pet at home or in a kennel, take him to locations that consider him a welcome guest. 

Before You Go Back to Work or School

If you haven’t yet resumed your pre-pandemic work or school schedule, try a few new strategies. You can establish new norms to help your pet cope with the coming changes. 

  • Help your pet adjust gradually by leaving him alone for increasingly more extended periods. 
  • Get another cat or dog to keep your pet company while you’re gone.
  • Consider scheduling doggie daycare days or hire a dog walker.
  • Make sure your pet has activities to keep him busy.
  • Establish a consistent schedule. 
  • Consult with your veterinarian if you feel your pet has difficulty adjusting. 

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