Does Your Puppy Have Too Much Energy? Tips For Spending All Of That Puppy Energy

When do puppies calm down? It can, at times, be frustrating having a high-energy pup. A puppy’s energy levels and behaviors change as they grow older. During the early years, they’re often full of boundless puppy energy and curiosity. The amount of energy is often dictated by the breed, but some puppies are also more energetic than others.

It’s always a good idea to redirect your dog’s energy to wholesome activities, as they can get destructive. This is how you end up with chewed-up running shoes and holes in your couch. So here are some tips to help you tire out your high-energy puppy.

Join a Puppy Socialization Program

Proactively socializing your puppy helps them grow into a happy, well-adjusted, and loving family dog and companion. Doing so is crucial for healthy social development. It often involves exposing your puppy to different social stimulants, including new people, new places, and new smells. Puppy socialization programs are a great way for your pup to learn to play with other dogs. Usually, socialization starts with the breeder and continues with you.

When looking for a program, make sure they have other puppies the same age as your own. This is especially a good idea if your pup is still too young to go out in public. What’s more, some socialization programs are designed to cater to young pups that haven’t received all their vaccinations.

Stimulate their Mental Development

Mental exercise can be just as tiring as physical exercise. Get your pup a few brain-simulating toys designed to entertain and tire them out. Here are some great puzzle toys to try out:

  • Interactive treat dispensing toys that ensure your pup works for their snacks. These toys are designed to provide a challenge but not so much that they’re frustrating.
  • KONG toys have been around for decades. They’re rubber toys you can stuff with treats that will keep your puppy pawing around the house for hours. When picking out a KONG toy, ensure it’s age appropriate. The toys come in special varieties depending on age and even personality.
  • Hide and seek squirrel toys. These are puzzle games where you stuff little squeaky squirrels in a “tree trunk” and have your dog enjoy pulling them out.

Don’t Forget Exercise!

Go for a walk, play fetch in a local park, or let them run around in your backyard. Physical exercise is incredibly important for your growing pup. If you simply don’t have the space to let them roam around outside, even a homemade obstacle course could work wonders. Consider trying crate training for your puppy, as it allows it to run and play without hurting itself.

Note: Too much physical exercise in puppyhood can lead to joint and bone health issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia or arthritis. Consult your vet to establish what a healthy amount of exercise looks like for your pup.

But don’t fret; having a high puppy energy is normal. Your pup will calm down with time. You just need a little patience and a couple of chew toys to keep them busy.