Be an Animal Advocate

It’s difficult to watch the cruelty that some animals endure. As a devoted animal lover, you can let your compassion inspire you to become an advocate on their behalf.

Animals suffer daily from intentional cruelty and from lack of care. They starve in a country where people waste 30 to 40% or our food supply. Pets are hurting from physical abuse and forced participation in fighting events. Uncaring people leave their pets homeless and wandering the streets. As the weather grows colder, freezing temperatures add to their suffering.

You don’t have to disrupt your life to become an animal advocate. You can take small steps or make a big effort. It’s easy to find a way to make a difference.

Volunteer With the Connecticut Humane Society

CHS is a privately owned nonprofit organization that accepts animals from families who can no longer care for them. They have a no-kill shelter and arrange animal foster care and adoptions. They also sponsor pet wellness programs in CHS communities.

Work With the Local SPCA

The SPCA of Connecticut is a no-kill shelter that rescues endangered dogs and cats. They have several ways for you to assist with the injured and sick animals in their care.

  • Adopt a dog or cat.
  • Sponsor a surgery for an injured animal.
  • Make a one-time donation for food, shelter, or medical treatment.

Take political action

The ASPCA Advocacy Center lists political initiatives designed the stop animal cruelty. You can support these and other actions by signing a petition or writing your congressman.

Support Rescued Fighting Dogs

The HEART Act (Help Extract Animals from Red Tape), H.R. 1228, will change the guidelines for holding rescued animals as evidence in animal abuse trials. It will speed up court dispositions so pets can move on to a normal life. The Act also allocates funds for their care while in custody.

Congressional Animal Protection Caucus

Contact your congressman and ask him or her to join the group of lawmakers who support animal rights. The CAPC is a bipartisan political group that partners with animal rights organizations to promote “common sense” protection legislation. The group was formerly known as the Friends of Animals Caucus.

2020 US Budget Animal Rights Appropriations

Contact your representatives about these and other issues requiring financial appropriations in the 2020 Federal budget.

  • Protect Wild Horses: The ASPCA provides a pre-printed message. You simply fill in your contact information and the ASPCA will forward it to your representative.
  • Prevent High-Speed Pig Slaughter: The ASPCA’s pre-printed message asks Congress to support Section 779 in H.R. 3055. The provision restricts high-speed pig slaughter which causes greater animal suffering.
  • Restore Animal Welfare Records: The ASPCA request that you complete their Congressional contact form to ask for support in restoring the public animal welfare database. The data includes inspection and enforcement action information for puppy mills, zoos, and other animal-related enterprises.

Do Whatever You can.

There are many ways to be an animal advocate. In addition to the above efforts, you can do your own research to find a local or national animal cause that’s close to heart.

Contact Hebron Veterinary Hospital

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